Email marketing is the single greatest way to stay in front of your customers. Don’t believe us?

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Building and maintaining an email list is crucial to staying in front of your customers. When they need the product or service that you sell, email (and possibly social media) are going to be the vehicles that keep your business in the forefront of their minds.

Secret: Nobody wants to sign up for a newsletter.

Your customers look to you as the solution to their problem. Let them know that you understand the problems they face, that you empathize with them, and that you offer a real solution. They will remember you.  


Initial Setup

Your email marketing account needs to be set up right. You should be able to:

  • Gain new email addresses from your website.
  • Automatically send an email when your customer views a page, views a product, put a product in their cart, or buys a product.

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Add A Compelling Call-to-Action to Your Website

Again, nobody wants to sign up for a newsletter. They want something from you. We recommend a “Lead-Generating PDF.” A Lead-Generating PDF could be something like “5 Reason Why Hiring a Real Estate Agent Might Keep You From Getting Sued.” Receiving this PDF is a compelling reason to give you my email address. “Sign Up for Newsletter” is not.

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Write and Design a Lead-Generating PDF

  • When your customer signs up for your email list, the should get a tangible, valuable piece of information in return.
  • This motivates them to Subscribe and will keep them interested in you and your services.

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Loyalty Programs

Who doesn’t love a good loyalty program? They can be tricky to set up but they keep your customers coming back.

Examples: Birthday Club • Redeemable Coupons • Special Events

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Custom In-Store Email Generators

Whether you use your POS, or an in-store iPad for signups, it is always good to provide multiple ways for your customers to sign up.

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